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Our Caregivers at Excel Home Care:

  • Are dependable, empathic, patient, strong, and flexible.
  • Have the warmth and compassion in their heart to touch your lives.
  • Have excellent communication skills and use positive words to acknowledge and appreciate.
  • Treat the aging people as a unique and special person and not merely as a case, patient, project, or burden.
  • Help seniors maintain as much of their autonomy and independence as possible.
  • Encourage seniors to share their strengths, talents, and skills by seeking their participation, expertise and help with daily activities.
  • Are given rigorous training to offer perfect homeship to seniors.
  • Are screened for any criminal or driving records.
  • Excel Home Care is an equal opportunity employer and will not refuse service based on age, race, sex, religion, diabilities, national origin or any other legally protected classes

Want to be a Caregiver?

Excel Home Care is open to all those experienced and qualified care professionals who are willing to provide support and care to those in need and their families.
Do you…

  • Have the heart to care for people?
  • Have a proven track record of dependability?
  • Maintain a professional appearance and communication?

While experience is preferred, it is not required. We will provide you with the training needed to handle all your tasks well. It will not only be a rewarding experience but it would provide a platform where you can interact with a lot of people.

As a caregiver, you can help families who are not able to take care of their aging members and help their loved one remain at home with them rather than in a nursing home. Not only will you as a Caregiver get peace of mind but also will realize the blessing senior citizens.

So if you have the heart-felt desire to care and are comfortable working with elderly or people with disabilities, we welcome you to become part of our team of Caregivers.